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Crown Services Sagl was founded in 2006 and became among other things a European distributor for the shipyard Ocean Master Marine, based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our geographic location in the heart of Europe (Lugano, Switzerland) permits us to oversee projects and keep track of clients from a strategic positioning. Thanks to our own transportation means we have the necessary facilities to easily and independently manage the transfer of boats of considerable sizes.

Already established relationships with suppliers and construction sites located nearby allow Crown Services to be flexible, fast and competent.
Skills present within the company helped us grow and establish ourselves as a bureau of marine engineering, able to handle projects autonomously, starting from concept to hydrodynamic and structural calculation and from structural drawings to the production and the management of material production in collaboration with suppliers both in Switzerland and abroad.

During the execution phase, Crown Services manages firsthand the logistics of supply and production. For each executed project it is our responsibility to certify the product according to current EC standards.

Disposing of own means and structures, both fixed and movable, and having built stable relationships with several shipyards and subcontractors, Crown Services maintains strong local roots, which consequently guarantee quick, speedy and flexible action taking.

Suppliers are selected based on their talent and reliability, their dedication to staff management, human values ​​and environmental awareness, as well as a good quality/price ratio.

Each project is managed with scrupulous attention to details, as if it were of personal interest.
The ultimate goal is to obtain high-quality boats whose solidity criteria are above every standard.

Crown Services guarantees (as General Contractor) the supervision and management of complex construction projects.

Executed projects are intended for:

  • Internal use: commissions and directly signed jobs.
  • Construction sites: sites or shipyards that do not have the necessary facilities, the experience or the means to develop and/or follow new projects for their own boats.
  • We provide either the single project or the production drawings. Otherwise we also offer to manage the suppliers (works performed in fiber, aluminum, or wood) in order to provide to the client either the mold for in-house laminating or according to one’s needs, the semi-finished or finished product.

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