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With experience, knowledge and passion we satisfy different market needs with a fully customized product made in-house: Crown Marine. Our custom designed and manufactured boats, are intended for heavy-duty purposes and targeted at private and commercial (police, SAR, border guard, etc..) customers. A 100% in-house design and development facility makes Crown Services a Swiss Marine boat builder, and member of the Swiss boatbuilder’s association. We offer boats and rigging solutions using marine aluminum, fiberglass (also available in bulletproof version) and steel. Offering up to turn-key solutions, from design, project management, through to production drawings, design and manufacture of molds, hull and components manufacture by means of the highly skilled work force, we follow projects all the way to the certification and delivery to the customer, shipping worldwide if necessary. Our work ethic, heavy duty design and build, careful choice of suppliers and partners, and the focus on key values ​​such as substance, quality of manufacture and finish, show our standards aiming more at military level than simple recreational. Our goal is to design and build high-quality boats with solidity and longevity criteria well above the industry’s standard. Suppliers are also selected on the basis on their talent and reliability, their dedication to staff management, human values and environmental awareness, as well as a good quality/price ratio. Our professional skills:

  • 3D Boat design, engineering, structural design, mechanical design, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic calculation, production drawings, boatbuilding, design and construction of mechanical components.
  • Design and fabrication of molds, boat building (aluminum, fiberglass and steel) for third party private and commercial customers.
  • Design of specific vehicle accessories and equipment to transport and move boats, or other items requiring special handling and oversize load permits.
  • CE certification in association with other European certification bodies.

In parallel, Crown Services is sole importer for Switzerland and Europe for Ocean Master Marine, built in Stuart, Florida. Depending on customer needs, Crown Services can provide these niche market semi-custom boats in standard or modified versions. Customers can choose a standard boat, or a Crown Services customized version based on an Ocean Master hull. Gathering the customer’s needs and applications we propose specific rigging, propulsion systems, on-board equipment and layouts in respect of the Ocean Master hull’s characteristics with regard to weight distribution, floatation, stability and optimal performance parameters. Ocean Master’s hulls and structure are closer to an ocean liner than to a standard fishing boat. Built for applications from 1000 hours/year up, over a period of at least 40 years of extreme and heavy use, they make a good base for semi-custom boat projects. Generous use of high quality materials and resins, full lamination (NO foam, NO sandwich) guarantee a caliber 9mm. bulletproof solidity of the hulls. These boats are available only in fiberglass.


Crown Marine 23′ Landing Craft

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Crown Marine 30′ Hydrojet

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Crown Marine 30′ Z-drive



Crown Marine 32′ Outboard

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Crown Marine 34′


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Crown Marine 36′


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Crown Marine 38′



Crown Marine Fire&Rescue


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      100% disegno e sviluppo proprio, Crown Services è Costruttore Navale Svizzero e membro del Schweizer Bootsbauerverband. Costruzione scafi in alluminio, fibra di vetro e acciaio.

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