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We have specially equipped our vehicles for the transportation of boats and plant machinery. Aside from visiting our customers, moving our demo-boats to their premises for demo-purposes, we also organize the logistical aspect of our projects and components at an international level. We also take care of transportation requirements for other boat yards or construction companies.

Oversize loads
Special over size transportation of boats or equipment

Transportation by means of customized vehicles and trailers
Boats often represent delicate transportation issues, and in this industry it is fundamental to qork with professionals, that know what they are doing. Moving a boat requires care, experience, a lot of attention and readyness. Whenever possible, we prefer to work with our own vehicles, equipment and experienced staff.
Should a job be larger than what our specialized vehicles can handle, we link up and coordinate with partners in the industry that can deliver with the same values and ethics, nevertheless following each transportation project personally.

Other boat yards
Typically, a boatyard around our reality is equipped to transport boats up to 2.8t respectively approx. 4t.
We specialize on moving boats that weigh between ​​4t to 9t. We so cover an important market niche, that would otherwise require a boatyard to make substantial investments in transportation inventory, compared to the low number of large boats present in their customer base.

Special jobs
Thanks to our wide range of experiences, references and loyal partners we can handle oversize loads and specific transports even beyond our equipments capacities, linking up with other partners in the industry and acting as a general contractor even outside of the nautical branch.

Cross border shipments
A good network of shipping agents allow us fast and effective cross-border custom formalities, hence proposing “turnkey” logistic solutions.

International shipments
Our experience in USEuropean and Inner-European shipments allows us to offer customized solutions especially in the branch of boat transportation.

We also offer:

  • Oversize transportation of boats or equipment.
  • Vehicles equipped with a drive-recorder for abroad.
  • Submersible trailer: boats are loaded right from the water at the boat ramp, with subsequent direct transit on roads and highways.
  • Special low-floor trailer for the transportation of fork lifts up to 4.5t.
  • Self-loading/unloading of boats from trailers on ground.
  • International third-party transportation license.
  • Permanent oversize permits for Italy for a convoy size of L 20m x 3m x h 4,30m.
  • Special oversize permits for Italy for convoys exceeding measures above.
  • Dedicated north / south traffic (Switzerland) loading two boats at a time.
  • Winter service: private, municipal and state roads


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